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Why do I see a page that says "Security Problem"?
The downloads area will redirect you to this page if your account is inactive. Many times it is because members have multiple accounts and are logging in with the wrong one. We can look up your correct username for you. Just let us know you are having trouble by emailing

What is it?
This club is a concept where we can help everyone from the small church/ small group to the largest of churches. We will give you new music in digital form every month. To the small church we give you help in teaching all your parts, the sheet music and even a split track to perform the song. You will receive fresh music every month. You will receive music that is new and has not been on any of our other projects. So basically, we teach your parts for you, make up all of your charts for your choir and musicians, make the power point slide for the A/V system of your congregation and even give you a way to perform the tune.

How does it work?
Every month we will notify you and let you know that the new song is up and you will receive a username and password to get into the back office of the website. You will then forward that code to all of your choir members, musicians, audio visual team members, small group leaders or any other person in your church that needs access. You let them know they need to download their part and be learning the song. For example, you tell your alto to go and download the alto part, the sheet music and maybe even the split track if she desires. She will then download everything and be learning the words and her part long before rehearsal happens. The result is that they will know the tunes and save you so much teaching time. Those who struggle learning parts now have the ability to practice everyday if they so desire so they can really minister with confidence.
The A/V member can go and download the tune for the a/v system to enable the congregation to sing along.
The musicians can go and download the mp3 file of the tune and the rhythm chart so they can be practicing.
This will save so much time and give you at least one easy tune per month.

Do I need any special software to use this?
Almost every computer is set up for you to download a pdf file or an mp3 file. So this should not be your problem.

How will we know that these tunes are useable for us?
Our hope is that over the past 10 years we have established a credibility of quality tunes, quality productions, and singable tunes that work for the church. We understand that you may not be able to use every song but we have confidence that you will find a lot of great music throughout the year.

Are these tunes choir tunes or praise & worship tunes?
There will be a mixture. If you have purchased any of our other projects throughout the years I think you will find a little bit of everything.

Will we be able to make copies of the music or tracks?
Yes, for FREE and legally. Your subscription gives you full permission to make as many copies for you local congregation as you need. This could save you a tremendous amount of money over the year not to mention the hassle of filling out a license agreement and sending in a check. We do ask that this will not passed out to other churches. We feel that we have priced this reasonable enough for the smallest of churches to afford. Our purpose is to help every church or any church who wants to have good music in their church anywhere around the world.

Can this be used in foreign countries?
Yes! Because it is digital files and we are not sending out any tangible product, anyone can download these files from anywhere in the world. Every month when the new tune comes out you will go to the site just like someone in the states would do.

How does this really benefit the small church?
For years one of the biggest hurdles for small churches is having good music and money. We will now provide you with new music every month including the tracks for you to function with. You can burn your tunes to a CD or to an iPod and begin to have powerful worship. Yes, it still is not live but we assure you it is the next best thing.

How often do I pay?
You may subscribe by the month or by the year. At the end of each month or year you will be renewed automatically. You will need to contact us and notify us if you want to cancel.

How do I pay?
You will pay by credit card using either Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You also have the option to call us and pay over the phone.

What if my choir members do not have a computer?
You may have to assign someone to burn a CD of the tune and run off a copy of music for the small few who do not have access to a computer.

Will this save me money?
We believe that because of the ability for you to make copies of sheet music, tracks and part tracks that this could save you a substantial amount of money over the year.

Will there be orchestration and brass charts?
Yes, we will also include all of that in your subscription. Our desire is to create this club to meet all of your needs. We have many ideas already in the works that we will add as the subscription base grows. At times they may be delayed a few months in order for us to do several of them at one time.

What all will we receive every month?
You will receive: Three songs each month.
There will be one newly recorded song of mine in which you will recieve

  • 1 mp3 file of the listening track. (meaning the actual tune for you to hear how it goes)
  • 1 mp3 file of the split track. (for you to perform with)
  • 1 mp3 file of the soprano, alto, tenor and bass if applicable. (this is for your people to learn their own parts)
  • 1 pdf file of the rhythm chart
  • 1 pdf file of the rhythm/vocal chart. (this is just the actual sheet music for you to learn parts. Also, the chords and melody lines are on this chart)
  • 1 power point slide of the tune for you're a/v system.

How is this going to really help me?
We feel it will help in so many ways. Here are just some of the ways.

  1.  You will not have to spend hours drawing up charts
  2.  You do not have to spend hours hunting for new music
  3.  You will not have to teach parts
  4.  It should be learned before they get to rehearsal
  5.  You do not have to type the words into your a/v system
  6.  You have our latest material as soon as it comes out.
  7.  You do not have to find a place to store books, CD's or charts. It will all be on hard drive and even if your computer crashed, we will still have everything you need for free. So it will save you a lot of storage space.
  8.  When new choir members join you do not have to re-teach the tune you can just give them a part file and the sheet music and they can catch up on their own time.

Can we let other churches use our material?
We ask that you only use this for your own church. The only way we can financially make this make sense is for each church to cover their own subscription. We feel that we have made this affordable for any individual or church. We would appreciate any help you can offer us by forwarding this opportunity on to those churches in need so that they can subscribe for their church as well.

Can we make recordings of this material?
Yes, but you will need to have written permission. You will need to acquire a mechanical license of the particular tune.

Can we lease these tracks?
Yes, but you will need to have written permission. You will need to acquire a mechanical license of the particular tune.

Please understand that this is copyrighted material and we ask that you honor our ministry and what we are trying to do to help churches around the world. The only way we can do this is for everyone to be responsible and obey the copyright laws.

Can we use this music in music conferences?
Yes, but you will need to have written permission. You will need to acquire a mechanical license of the particular tune.

Will these songs be under the CCLI laws?
Yes, there will be ccli numbers on the bottom of every tune for you to be able to report. For more info on ccli please visit their website.

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